Hotspot access available up to the data limit of the Prepaid 2GB, Prepaid 5GB, and Prepaid 8GB plans. Data on the Prepaid 2GB, Prepaid 5GB, and Prepaid 8GB data plans will automatically shift to 2G speeds when each line reaches the plan’s high-speed data allotment. Data on the Prepaid Unlimited and Prepaid Unlimited+ plans may be temporarily slowed in times of congestion and data may be slower than other traffic. During times of congestion, prioritized data on the Prepaid Unlimited and Prepaid Unlimited+ plan may be temporarily slowed. Once the Prepaid Unlimited plan reaches 15GB of usage in a monthly cycle or the Prepaid Unlimited+ plan reaches 35GB of usage in a monthly cycle, data may be temporarily slowed further. Additionally, heavy data use currently defined as usage above 100GB will be slowed to 3G speeds until the end of the billing cycle. Roaming in Mexico & Canada: Prepaid Unlimited and Prepaid Unlimited+ plan will include unlimited talk, text and LTE data. See “Things we want you to know” for further information. Price protection applies to the monthly recurring charge (MRC) for service plans existing as of May 6, 2022. MRCs are price protected through at least December 31, 2024.

Things we want you to know

New Simple Connect Prepaid service required. Five line maximum per account on Family Plans. Prepaid Unlimited data plans require a Smartphone. Svc. benefits are valid and available for one month. In order to receive plan minutes, monthly charge must be paid before due date. You will be unable to use your phone until your rate plan and feature charges have been paid in full for the current billing cycle. You may be charged at any time of day on your due date and should refill before that date to avoid svc. interruption. Directory assistance and international calls require additional account funds to complete calls. Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico or Canada: Included with Prepaid Unlimited and Prepaid Unlimited+ plans. Available for $5/mo. with all other plans. Prepaid Plan required plus $5 available funds over plan cost before due date. Unlimited Talk & Text to Mexico or Canada only applies to calls or text messages placed from UScellular’s licensed market areas. Roaming calls or text messages may incur additional charges based on rates and availability of local wireless carrier. Additional per-minute or per-message charges will apply to International calls to countries other than Mexico or Canada. Additional charges, including taxes and fees, may be debited from any available funds on your account. UScellular reserves the right to terminate your service if more than 50% of your overall usage in each of three consecutive billing cycles are used in UScellular’s non-licensed markets. Airtime, taxes, long distance, tolls and other charges may apply. Additional terms apply. See for details including obligations to serve Kansas customers. See store or for details. © UScellular